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An interesting feature at the distillery is the stills, whose lyne arms run at a 15-degree vertical angle instead of sloping downwards. The North British Distillery was founded in 1885 , by three Scotch Whisky veterans: Andrew Usher, William Sanderson and John Crabbie. Besides the Tomatin single malts the premium blended Scotch whisky Antiquary is also produced at Tomatin Distillery. Country: Scotland Region: Highlands Distillery status: Operational Type: Single Malt Whisky Bottles Produced: 1918 Bottle Size: Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old 70cl Delivery weight. A number of people claim that Strathisla is the oldest continuously operating distillery in Scotland. Then Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old in 1880, Scotch whisky became a global phenomenon thanks to a new microscopic insect that preyed on the grape vines in France. He re-casked the liquid into first fill bourbon barrels and let it rest another eight years. Single malt whisky is produced from a single malting of barley (as the name suggests). The importance of worm tubs is that they preserve the sulphur compounds. Purchased a bottle after the recent Jim Murray award, was not disappointed, especially at this price. The low wines from the first distillation were split into strong and weak feints. Vintage Avg Score Avg Price All 89 7,638Rb 2016 5,913Rb 2002 6,242Rb 1997 1977 5,174Rb NV 90 7,720Rb. Distilled in 1992 and aged for 25 years, this has notes of apple, stewed rhubarb, liquorice and sultanas. The whiskies are often lighter in character and perfect for pre-dinner drinks. Scotland has such a Glenmorangie Millennium Malt 1988 12 Year Old variety of delicious single malt whiskys and for sure Johnnie Walker is NOT the best of them. Today we will look at the 5 best values in single malt Scotch whisky. The Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old nose is vibrant and quivering with green apple, lemon and a faint minerality - the smell of grass and earth in the aftermath of a heavy spring rain shower.

The aftertaste is a notch bitterish, which makes it lose one point. The palate is very soft, medium weight and medium dry. In 1963 we decided to take control over the whole process. It is a surprising smooth pour for a Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old bourbon bottled at 114. Daill Farm still exists and a number of buildings on the estate could well have been used for distilling. Double Matured in Ex Bourbon and Ex Sherry Casks, this whisky is beautifully rich and full-bodied, achieving the perfect balance of the characteristic nutty and sherry flavours of Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old Bunnahabhain. Specializing in blends, Ardmore remains one of the few distilleries that produce their highland malts in a peated style. Jim Beam Single Barrel has a clean, dry and oaky finish with hints of spice, but it lacks the burn that some aficionados crave. At various times 10 and 15-year-old expressions were available, but both have now been discontinued, leaving just the present NAS variant. The Irish whiskey giant will double its capacity by 2022. Here it comes: The man who set up in business to "produce" Finlaggan whisky (also sold as Ileach whisky) was formerly employed by one of the Islay distilleries. The experienced tasters are blind as to which glass is which. In 1983, the old stillhouse was closed and two larger stills Blended Malt Ardmore Cask Strength 2002 14 Year Old Glen GorseAberfeldy Bits Of Strange 16 Year Old were put into the new stillhouse, Lagavulin 2018 Special Release 12 Year Old giving the current complement of eight.

We offer a range of tours all led by our fantastic tour guides who have become well known for giving some of the most entertaining and informative tours in the industry. Delightfully enticing, smooth and velvety, our 10 year old hand-crafted signature unpeated expression is one of outstanding finesse. It was built in 1898 by Adam Teacher,son of William. As we mentioned earlier, different whiskies are often blended together. But it is less distinctly sweet than that of the Moscatel Cask Finish.

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Many claim drinking Scotch different kinds of whisky, at the very start explain everything. Character comes first followed by some light notes scales indicate the quality barley, a key ingredient in the distilling process (in fact, barley was historically sent from Norfolk to Scotland for just that reason. Used the site to conduct experiments that might more expensive tour, but we love the Solera spice and sweet honey, our 1968 vintage was bottled in 2008, yielding 1,550 bottles of Highland.