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The Speyside distillery of Strathisla is one of the most photographed distilleries in Scotland, and for good reason. Very Partacas Serie D No 4 Tubos smooth, sweet and inoffensive, I just expected a little more of the promised toffee apple and was left wanting. This is a lovely smooth and rounded tasting whiskey, excellent for a cold day to warm the body, excellent any day :) Light, sweet, hot, delicious. And most of us know that the country is divided into a number of geographic areas that produce the beloved liquor. Flavours develop with the addition of a little water to reveal delicate spices, citrus and fresh baked oatcakes. Then the whiskies made in Campbeltown and Islay were discerned to be different, and the whiskies of Speyside were added to the list. This is unquestionably the heart of single malt whisky production in Scotland. This has reduced the danger of high-level over-production, like that of the 1980s, re-occurring. It is widely said that you should dilute your whisky with a fifth water. The Coffey still opened the door to the production of grain whisky, which would be used to create blended Scotch whisky. Volume, character and consistency are the by-words.

Scotch whiskies from the 1940s and early 1950s are rare. Either way, this is cloying and boring, with very little of the delicate peat and Heather notes of old. Famous Grouse Smoky Black was renamed from Black Grouse at the end of 2015. The Six Pillars are the foundation stones of everything. The maize that is used in production is brought in from South West France, and is then transported from the Macallan Ruby 1824 Series docks in Leith to the distillery in Edinburgh. Our distillery is the only single malt whisky still using wooden marrying tuns (2,000 litre plus vats). At this stage the soft air permeates the casks and works on the whisky, eliminating harsher constituents to produce a mellow whisky. And this brings us back to vatting with whiskey: For large whiskey Partacas Serie D No 4 Tubos distilleries with a signature flavor, the only way to achieve this flavor (when the fact of the matter is that every barrel of whiskey ages slightly differently from the Partacas Serie D No 4 Tubos next) is to mix together multiple barrels of whiskey.

Stewed apples sit Springbank Campbeltown Single Malt 2017 Edition 21 Year Old at the core, surrounded by dried fruit, dark sugars and rich spice. Hugely popular Irish blend, renowned for its affinity with ginger ale. Best served in a traditional whisky glass with water and one or two ice cubes.

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